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"There should be absolutely zero expectation that moderators will attempt to find all the runs to populate their leaderboard. It should be up to the users of the community to populate the leaderboards with their runs since it's technically a community leaderboard."

I'm curious what leads you to this conclusion. There's nothing about me speedrunning a given game that necessitates that I be part of whatever community exists around the game, or curate the leaderboard for it.

If, however, I'm a moderator for that game, then I have voluntarily taken up the position of being a community figurehead and maintaining/curating the leaderboard for it. It just seems evidently clear that moderators bear a responsibility in this regard that runners do not.

Don't get me wrong, I agree that as a runner you should submit your times to the boards, I just think that "Mods have no responsibility, it's the community's job to populate the boards" is an odd position.

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Moderation isn't voluntary when you want to submit a time for a new game.

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@Drakodan, I believe you are confusing some points due to my continuing inability to explain myself clearly.

The first point is with the "responsibility" of a moderator, which you seem to have condensed down to an inaccurate conclusion of "moderators have no responsibility," a statement I firmly disagree with.

I personally have no expectation for any moderator to "go the extra mile" to scour social media, video platforms, or other methods in search of new data to input in the leaderboard they moderate. There is a responsibility for a moderator to curate the leaderboards to the best of their ability, but there should not be any perceived negatives for said moderator not inputting data of other speedrunners attempts. Doing this extra step only helps the curation process but should stay as completely optional. Failing to do this should not hinder the moderator or the leaderboard in any form.

I emphasize that the actual runner should be submitting their own run, as I subjectively find it more fulfilling for the leaderboard, but I respect the decisions of both parties involved. In the scenario where a runner refuses to post on, an expectation I have of a moderator (or more accurately as described by you, community leader) is to determine the reasons and attempt to entice the runner to change their mind. "Entice" might be too strong of a word here, but I challenge moderators to showcase the advantages to using this website over other options as a method to convince other runners.

The second point that was confused was the "community" aspect. There does not need to be interaction from runners outside of the community in order to submit to a leaderboard. I was trying to paint a perfect world picture where all runners of a speedgame submit their runs to a single leaderboard on a single website from a single speedrunning community. This scenario is unrealistic, similar to OPs suggestion, with the excessive amount of variables that can smear this picture. I was trying to emphasize more on how the community of a speedgame can considerably add (or remove) validation to a world record claim.

Apologies in advance for the confusion.

P.S. - There's more that I could write here, including how I disagree with submitting runs in another's stead, but feel free to DM me instead. Please do not allow this postscript to conflict my response above. There's a method to my madness, but the character count for this reply is already ridiculous.

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@Drakodan Every board I run is run as a community project, where people can choose to join, or not. I'm not going to bully people into feeling they have to participate.

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"Can you PLEASE not use the term "world record'? It's very misleading and assumes that the video posted is the fastest time, where in fact someone else could have a faster, unrecorded version. Could you please use the term BKTWVEAAAVBMOFSRC (best known time with video evidence as approved and verified by members of the speed running community) in the future. This would help lower confusion in these types of videos in regard to the ever updating and evolving nature of the speedrunning community."

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There should be a checkmark to show that it has been definitively proven that no better time exists anywhere online or through any other available or unavailable media.

  Diewott1Diewott1 is the biggest speedruning site. Therefore the logical choice would be to submit runs here or any sites that have a leaderboard inside Who doesn't is stupid.

Plain and simple.


^ if thats your logic then im sorry that you are still around.

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I used to think that, but is recent. For instance, what about moving all the Sonic Rush runs here from Soniccenter? That game has over 100 runs for the first level. Which I guess isn't the most ever, but it's not very reasonable that that is expected to even be possible. I highly doubt most of those people use this site, let alone have an account. Besides, they're used to that other website. They already have communities, ect, over there. Imagine if someone came to you and said "okay, but that game you run on and have a lot of runs in, why don't you go put all your runs on this other new site though" even though you already have communities, ect, here?

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  EwilEwil could at least rename the "Player XXX beat the WR in game XXX" notification.

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Might as well remove the ranking numbers cause it isn't verified that there aren't runs that would fit in-between two spots somewhere on the internet or a random hard drive or VHS tape. Come on....

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