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The forums have gotten a new look just now which leaves me to believe that there is more to come for the forums than just the look. What do you think of it?

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woweeBlanket maybe add a customize option. They aren’t bad, but somethings are gone. The links next to the title of the forum post made it easy to navigate. Those are gone.

Edit: they changed the profile as well.

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Damn you're right about that.
Also I didn't notice that they changed the user GUI and the others too. I guess that's pretty cool too, now we can finally have a custom flair box like @Matse007Matse007 suggested. Still crossing fingers for followers to get added though.


there's no way to leave a post and go back to the forums now lol


yeah, no link to go back to the "The Site" forum page from here...


Breadcrumbs am I right woweeBlanket

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Before, weren’t sticky threads a different color than regular ones? I preferred that over everything alternating.

Also, page navigation is still broken.

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