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I was just updating a time on an individual level but on submitting it, I was redirected to (first letter of level name)#Time_Attack instead of (levelname)#Time_Attack. This has removed my time from the leaderboard itself (and since it'd Ape Escape, it should have updated). The reason I resorted to editing is the site would not let me submit a new run for an individual level.
Finally, I tested the submission feature on a normal category with a dummy run I was intending to delete immediately after, but there was no delete option. I edited the run to be under a category with no runs presently, but would like the option to remove a run back.


i had removed the run prior to this post, so take no mind to that, but the submission for individual times are still on the fritz, they show up on the latest runs page of the home, but do not show on the actual level board. just bringing this to attention.