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Im a super mod on the 1080 avalanche board we recently added trick attack to the board but cant enter in our points. I was wondering is there a way to add a point system to the board?


No, the site currently only supports tracking based on time.

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Do you know if the site is going to add a point system anytime soon?


highscore based games arent supported on this site

my money's on no

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I think that it would be an interesting add if they ever were to add a points system onto the site.


speedrunning is just that, SPEED. if you want to opt for points, visit Twin Galaxies and join the likes of Billy Mitchell


pretty sure Cyberscore would be a better option for points

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Yeah, points have been brought up before in a big discussion and...nothing really happened, so...
In all honesty there's just larger priorities for the site (always), so points will have to be elsewhere.

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I'm not speaking as a site mod here, only offering my opinion as a user; I feel the site really needs to get where it needs to be as it is right now (tracking speedruns) than to add further things it has to then iterate on, bug test and build on.

There could be a time in the future where Admins want to take to a more score/point based approach in the form of a sister site, but speedruns should remain the core focus right now. Spreading yourself too thin is a bad approach.

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Wholeheartedly agree with what @LivLiv just said. The site already has a lot of demands and requirements to keep up with for the speedrunning community and accommodating all the various sub-communities. Throwing in everything that all the various high-score communities will need on top of that is probably not a good idea (especially when there already a ton of purpose-built score tracking sites out there).

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