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For anyone interested, here is a custom CSS script that I have for the site, which I updated today to change/revert some issues of the new update, presented all over the feedback thread.

The summary of my script:

• Remove uppercase from everything - game titles, user names, forum breadcrumbs, main category names
• Lowered the font size of the release year, compared to the game title
• In game leaderboards, changed the game-cover image back to normal size, of maximum 180x128 or 128x180 pixels
• In profile pages, changed the profile image back to normal size, of maximum 200x100 pixels
• For all the pages on the site, stretch the page content over the entire screen width, removing the empty spaces on the sides. (assuming you use adblock and the space is indeed empty.)
• For widget titles, I removed the new "industry" font, and set the letter spacing to 0.26 instead of 0.46. This is purely personal, as the font doesn't look good to me.

I also recommend using the site at 110% or 125% zoom in your browser, this solves most of the small font issues.

EDIT: I changed some stuff relating to the game cover images on the user profiles. They also got bigger, but only in 144x102 resolution instead of 180x128.

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Thanks for this, I've gotten tired of having to create new CSS for every update 😛

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My take on some custom CSS (more customized for individual level runs). Some of these improvements are learned from Oreo and FURIOUS on Twitter, but I added some improvements too:
I assume people know how to use Stylus to run the CSS script, but there's a tutorial in the Chrome webstore link if not.

I'm a novice at CSS so there's probably stuff I missed/ don't know how to do. Also this is tailored to what I find important, you can edit it as you see fit.

• All categories are visible by default, no more scroll right/ left button for categories. Note that if there are misc. categories on that leaderboard, you will have to press the scroll right button once for the misc. tab to appear.
• Font sizes reworked to all be fairly easy on the eyes and proportional, without need for further zooming in on the site.
• Font color for categories currently not being viewed, has been lightened so they are more visible.
• Game stats/ Moderation/ recent runs widget moved down to make more room for leaderboard.
• Empty space on left and right of leaderboard removed for more leaderboard space (this won't work well if you don't have adblock on).
• Comments hidden as they seem pretty terrible at the moment.

Other things I'd like to fix but not sure how/ if possible via CSS:
• Change the dropdown feature for extra variables, to not have dropdown anymore.
• Possibly move the moderator and recent runs widget above the leaderboard.