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Hello, I was very proud and excited by my 1st speedrun and tas (new super mario bros) but the website doesn't accept the tas... why is there not "tas" like there is "any%" or "100%"?

  blueYOSHIblueYOSHI is generally a RTA site and not a TAS one, for TAS related stuff you can go over to and publish it there.


TAS isn't competitive. It's an on-going project to attempt to beat a game in the lowest time literally possible. There would be a leaderboard with a bunch of identical times or a single time for each game because the point of a TAS is that it cannot be beaten. The only difference in times would be between an optimized TAS and suboptimal TAS, as such there is no point to having a leaderboard to track TAS. TAS also is tracked via framecount and not using a timer, which SRC currently doesn't have the capability to list. A TAS tracked via any sort of real timing method is bad, because then you'd be bringing the emulator's performance into play.

Also, wouldn't necessarily like us to track TAS, as to attempt to overshadow their website. Use to follow TAS play.

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