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Now we've seen a (sort of) significant profile adjustment, when (if at all) is it reasonable to expect the ability to manually adjust the order of games on our profile?

This has been about the most requested profile change ever, and yet this still hasn't been added but what games I follow are publicly available, as well as when I last visited the pages. Two things that really do nothing for me, but for other people looking at my profile. It feels less like 'home' in that respect as the article mentions and more a place people can spy in on what you're doing, or looking at currently.

I primarily just want to know if this is even a reasonable ask, because I know this has been requested time and time again on here. I would've expected it to come packaged alongside this, if anything.

Edit: Please also the 'About Me' section to recognize paragraph breaks. Double spaces and enter don't seem to work.

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This would be quite nice. If we're gonna social media-ify our profiles, at least let us allow us to give our primary speedgames priority.

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As someone who has a lot of games on their profile, being able to pin or just move around the order of games would be helpful. I have a few runs I'm actually really proud of and spent a lot of time working for but they just look like another random run I did on my profile.

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also IL runs in the profile are dumb because of the alphabetical order 😡

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