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There doesn't seem to be an obvious way for a game moderator to rename a category. It seems like the only option right now is to delete the category and create a new one with the new name, but this would require re-adding all the runs. Can you consider adding this (if I haven't simply missed something and this actually doesn't exist in the UI) or, failing that, can a site admin manually rename "Any% (YOLO)" to "YOLO%" for both /yhtwtg and /yhtwtgsteam?


Left click on the category name in the edit game panel. It's not obvious I agree.


To rename a category, all you need to do is left-click once on the current name inside the "Edit game" menu.

If i understood your question wrong, let me know.


That is indeed what I was looking for, thanks. A visual cue (looking like a link, changing the cursor to a pointer when you hover) would probably make this a bit clearer.


I've added a little help text for it.

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