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I'd really like to see a Mega Man X background theme, it'd be very nice since there are various game backgrounds.

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Hi, when I try to click the add theme button, it shows nothing for me to add, except a link leading to change the site theme. May I ask is there anything I need to do to enable it first?


Make sure you're going to this link. Other users, replace your username at the end of the URL.

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@QuivicoQuivico I have visited the link, but I see no place to let me change it. Below is what I see.

Edit profile theme
This is the theme that everyone will see on your profile.
To change the theme that you see as you browse the site, go to Settings.


You have to donate which you cant anymore @TsukumoTsukumo

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To clear out any confusion:

• In your user profile, you can "add theme" or "edit theme" for your profile at the left sidebar.
This will be the theme everyone will see when they enter your profile page.

• In your user profile settings, you can choose a "site theme". The list contains several themes from different games.

Now, the two upper-most elements in that list:
- Default - the standard white-green or black-green colors, similar to when you browse the site when logged out.
- My profile theme - this will make the theme of the site to be equal to your own profile theme, if you set one.

So, for the original question, if you want a custom theme for the site which is not on the list - you can create a personal theme for your profile first, then set it up by choosing "My profile theme" for the "site theme" field in the settings.

It's not related to donations as far as I'm aware.

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Turns out you have to be a month old member before you can add a personal theme. Thanks for the discussion anyway.