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Ok so I’m a game moderator/runner and it requires email authentication But when I enter the pen it won’t let me back yet if you know how to fix this can you please tell me


Do you get any error message or something similar?
You enter your username, password and the pin number, what exactly happens next?


So I enter the pin and press log in again then it loads and still tells me I need a code


The it sends me a new pin but no matter what just just won’t let me in


How the fuck does it take you more than 10 minutes to put your code in? You might need to be a bit faster with finding the 2FA code and that might do the trick.


It doesn’t that’s the thing



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This might help clear up something this is what happens and it’s still happening


I would delete that video and send it to support. It's got quite a bit of personal information. I'm not sure what your error is, but it doesn't look like it's supposed to happen

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Too late I have already downloaded the video.

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Have you tried with a different browser? This might just be a browser related issue.


Yeah I’ve tried with a different browser and my phone it started when I downloaded an add blocker for a game I requested it might have been a virus(witch would be bad cause I put that in resources) ik test it


I've had that happen recently; when it does I use the link to log in instead. I've also been getting "405 Not Allowed" errors both when typing in the password and entering the pin, which I assume is due to whatever's causing the site to be so slow lately.

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