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I stand by my opinion that we should rebrand to and accomodate all runs, be it diarrhoea, speed or score.

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I think this website should also add scoring, and a much better design so that the site can be used for multiple things not just runs. Also the site isn't very user friendly especially when trying to make your board look good. This entire website needs a re-design otherwise another site could take over in an instant. I know a web-designer would be a ton of money, but I'm sure if SRC tried out some event or hell just a fundraiser per year they could easily get the money for it. I just don't think they'd be willing to do such things though.


@Weekenders "a much better design so that the site can be used for multiple things not just runs"
What exactly do you have in mind with this? What would you want to be using the site for other than runs?

"otherwise another site could take over in an instant"
Unlikely. This site may not be perfect, but the foundation it's built on wouldn't collapse instantly just because someone made a prettier one.

Also, there is actually a redesign in the works right now. If you have any specific recommendations for what you think could be improved, you should post them in the Feedback Thread here:

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@ShikenNuggets I'd like to have custom values other than just time increments. I want to be able to mass select runs and change their category etc. I want to be able to simply click on a run and not be taken to a separate page, but have a drop down of the video and description of the run with the ability to edit the run.

The forum needs a massive revamp and in a series the forums should be intertwined instead of completely different sections. I want to be able to cross-post across multiple forums instead of just 1 game in the series.

The entire 'level runs' and 'full game' don't apply to all games and that should be sorted out some way to fit all games. The way runs and categories are shown now is just a mess. Everything needs to be much more customizable. Even profiles are a bit of a mess and that too needs to be revamped. These are just quick thoughts I've had for a revamp. I have very small insight in coding, but I do know about design. The entire site needs to be flipped upside down for it to be much more user friendly.

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At one point, I was trying to figure out if there was a site that is THE site for high scores in the way that appears to be THE site for speedruns. I think it would be excellent if there was such a site, and since I like how works, it would be nice if it was a site with the same or similar format, or an entirely unified site.

I think option 3, a friendly takeover of would seem best, with it being replaced by a site equivalent to, or with it being combined into, either as, or as a new combined site. That would ensure some amalgamation of records, compared to just having new, and separate leaderboards.

Is this still under consideration, given that this thread was created about half a year ago now?

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With high scores not being allowed, why is score based categories like Crossy Road allowed? Even so, it works well, so wouldn't it make sense to just have high scores as it's own category, or seperate board like category extensions? Those already work perfectly fine anyways. It's still trying to get it fast, yeah?


"why is score based categories like Crossy Road allowed?"

Crossy Road's main categories are still speedrun categories, their end points are just based on score due to the fact that the game doesn't actually end, so those are perfectly fine. As for the miscellaneous "High Score" category (which is more what's being referred to with this discussion), these are frowned upon due to the lack of proper support for them, but are allowed to exist until there's a better alternative/we decide what we want to do with scores. Games that are entirely score based and have no speedrunning categories (such as Flappy Bird) are no longer being added to the site.


People are going to have score categories regardless of whether this is added, so I think adding high scores would be much more convenient for everyone.
It doesn't even need to be called a high score. Just add support for submitting something not in the format of hh:mm:ss, and it can work for scores, in-game timers where the timer is displayed as an integer (e.g. in smb1), amounts (e.g. amount of captures in sm odyssey min captures), etc.

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You can already add additional variables to submissions, even make them required. Only thing that isn't currently an option is sorting by those variables. For one of the puzzle games I did a "speedrun" for, I made a step count variable, with my main goal being to get the lowest number of steps. Having the lowest step count doesn't always mean having the lowest time as there are animations involved with pushing some blocks that could make taking the long way around slightly faster in terms of time.

I would have preferred having a table that tracks the levels based on step count and another based on time.