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Hallo everyone, well it's time, It's been 10 months on this site, honestly I used to be quite happy back then. To my eyes sr.c has two sides, the good old community and speedrunners side and the second is the dark one, the moderator side. At first it looked like something fun, something that would make you look like you had power or owned the leaderboard which is obviously not the case. This is one of the main corruptions that the site has, but later on you realize that it's not fun anymore and that you are addicted to this site, and this problem. The second corruption is the ban system, which is really strict. I am one of the rare people (I hope.) that has gotten every possible ban on the site, some which I thought never even existed. The first reason for why I am leaving is because of those corruptions. Second is simply that it has become an addiction, and the site made me feel more depressed than sad. I was seen as a meme, as the old me, and I still am seen as that, my dms are full of people making fun of me, and last it's just that I want to stop. If something causes me depression or sadness on a daily basis then I should get rid of it. It has been an insane 10 month with you guys, and all of you are great people. As Mango said once
"I’m currently a bit busy with your mother,
Go make me a pizza while you wait."
No, I meant that "Social media and the internet is a cancer if not properly contained"

Without @KaiKai. I would probably not have been on this site this much, and would have been much more sad.

Thanks so much to @chriswiftchriswift for being such a lovely guy, and one of the best people I have ever seen on this site.

@Sandstorm187Sandstorm187 is a great person, fun and original, they always had my back and complimented me, you are great.

The LCE Community was incredible, the first one I got into, and the best and most fun.

The least that I can do is thank them they deserve much more,

It's time for me to leave. See you again, in a different form, in a different time.

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You mean a lot to me.


Thanks for your support,firewall

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Thanks for everything firewall, you did so much for the community, it will miss you!

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Thanks for everything my dude

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Today will now be know as the Darkest Day in the World

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As much as I hated you and the things you have done, you were a very cool person and it's insanely sad to see you go. You sparked my experience, drama, questions, blocks and memes. This is truly an end of an era. See you FireXPlays on console fire extra. Farewell.

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Same reasons why I quit moderation

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Dude, our PCs are gonna be so vulnerable without our firewalls

this is like, a major issue, broskis

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i only talked with you on discord but bye bye anyway

i'll ask the lce mods to list all ur runs under "anonymous"

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that's so sad noooo

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sad to see you go, firewall. Hope to see you return another day!

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Good luck in the future, Firewall. You really helped me a lot 🙂

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