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amazing video

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I missed most of the Elo takeover, so this vid was a good refresher. Tone-deaf is a very good descriptor of the current state of src, I hope it improves soon. : (

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I'm glad a relatively large content creator has made a video about this. Sr.c has had a lot of problems since Pac left and people are rightfully worried about the future of the website. Maybe this will be the catalyst that results in some positive changes happening here.

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@Merl_Merl_ agreed. the video might even deter newer runners from src, so maybe they'll try to improve some things from the video.


Things weren't perfect before, but sure as hell better than now.

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Let's take a look at's two other biggest websites: - ad infested with questionable layout with subscriptions (biggest site they run) - ad infested with questionable layout (no subscriptions though) (third biggest site they run - src is second)

(Yes, I'm aware their two smallest sites don't have ads, no I don't care).

Do I see src improving? The answer to that question can be derived from their two other biggest websites...

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Sr.c is currently working on its leaderboard layout and backend


They are re-writing the whole leaderboards page from scratch, we'll see...


I mean this part of the leaderboard


It would still be nice for an Elo staff to see it

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