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Not everyone will have an ongoing competition with others, but do you have a good-natured rivalry with another runner over a game/category? Don't have to name them of course!

I'm sure they'll agree with this, In the summer I battled over the Any% record for a small game called Teria with @suavgamingsuavgaming
Good times

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I've fought for a WR with @EvanatorgamerEvanatorgamer a few times. I usually don't end up with the WR. We've actually fought over WRs in multiple games and not just one. Here are some examples:

Among Us 2 || A Platformer (WR was taken out of reach by KkSpeed and Merl_, but all these runs are former WRs)
The Amazing World of Gumball: The Gumball Games
Angry Birds Adventure

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Among Us 2 || A Platformer (WR was taken out of reach by KkSpeed and Merl_

its not out of reach i spent like 10 minutes doing runs lol


me and Itsdevildude were fighting over who had a better time in ape escape 2 any% but he pussied out so and couldnt beat me so im the better one 😎

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My "rival" would have to be @susuwisusuwi. We both compete in the game mobility. If you look at the leaderboards, it may not look like a lot of competition, since we mostly run different categories, and only run other categories to improve bad times or take a break from the main ones. However, outside of, there is very fierce competition. Individual Level runs are tracked on a spreadsheet instead of src, and IL competition is the most active.

There are 97 unique level categories, and despite other runners doing ILs, myself and susuwi together have all 97 records. Susuwi is honestly better at the game and more creative with routing, so he always has more records than I do. The balance is usually around 2/3 susuwi, 1/3 me. However, at one point susuwi managed to have 90 of the 97 world records at one time.

In the discord server, there is a #runs channel where people can post PBs. People post IL times there too. One thing that sometimes happens is one of us will get a time beaten, and then go back and beat that time again. In real time, this creates a "ping pong" match where both of us keep lowering the time. This competition usually ends with one runner getting a very optimized run of the level, and the other giving up and accepting defeat. It's fun to watch in real time.

The competition extends outside of mobility. When myself and @TCMTCM were running a different game by the same developer, we talked about it in the mobility discord. Susuwi saw that and started doing runs himself. He got the world record and to this day, I still can't beat it.

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I think this would have fit better in the speedrunning forums
In my case its hard. In my favorite game and in competitions its daanolav who has beaten me in that game a few times and Ive also beaten him a few too. Sadly we are both quite busy now so we cant keep fighting
While he may be a rival, hes also a very friendly one. Hes one of the nicest people Ive met, we talk every now and then and we make a good team (since we moderate several games and servers together).

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If I was to say I had a friendly rival, it'd have to be @Laika_the_SpacedogLaika_the_Spacedog. We take records from each other from time to time.

But the dynamics of the Bibi speedrunning scene isn't something so easily explained in a few words WoweeW

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I have a few rivals from several games.
The notable ones:

In CircloO 2, @TheMatsValkTheMatsValk took most of my records and ILs. Sometime I fought back, sometimes not (depends on how annoying the level was).
In level 24, this happened:
(I think he passed my time as well, but didn't submit)

@MageismMageism took most of my records in "Eddynardo" games - Choppy Orc, Greedy Mimic, Sticky Sorcerer

@mikerspdmikerspd took most of my records in "Robot wants" games; mainly Kitty, Puppy, and some ILs in RWIA
(which I took from him in the first place, so...)

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oh yeah i also had a rivalry with Markus G. Pichler in super mario kart a few months back. at times we were right next to each other on the leaderboards with either him or me above

Here is our ranks trough 13 weeks of smk. my rank is on the left his is the right one.
(i just came back to the game after a year and two months of not playing so i had to climb the ranks a bit at first :P)

im currently #221 and he is #210

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@PurplegazePurplegaze. We made a friendly rivalry when we raced eachother to enter the top 10 about 2 years ago in SM63.

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I'd probably say I'm in a rivalry with a few users who are close in # of wrs with me, but for a specific game, I would go with @SEGARALLYSEGARALLY . We have been going back and forth with IL records in Sega rally 2006, and since we've started our rivalry, we have been knocking down races by hundredths of a second, just to beat each other again.


Harry The Hamster 4:

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Technically 2 rivals:

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