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This is an updated version and better guide of @ShadowDraftShadowDraft 's old stickied thread

Here I will be using the zero-width space as an escape character to stop the text from formatting and also this ⁕ character as an alterative to the asterisk

The site uses both Markdown and BBCode but has more recently started to use react-markdown in updated parts of the site. This guide focuses on SRC's current formatting

If you have any feedback or questions: respond to this thread and I will answer you or make an edit to this guide



Text emphasis

Bold, italics, strikethrough and underlined
⁕⁕Bold⁕⁕: two asterisks ⁕
⁕Italics⁕: one asterisk ⁕
~​~Strikethrough~~: two tildes ~
_​_Underlined__: two underscores _


Text links

Text here
[Text here]​(url here)

Some special characters don't work when linked, e.g. colons, so link the text around it instead
For URLs to this site: they don't need to be prefixed with , since all URLs that start with a slash / link to the current domain

The URL's scheme can be something other than http(s) e.g. mailto or tel
Anchors on their own work, but open in a new tab
Most text that is prefixed with www or http(s):// will become a link, e.g. www-i-am-a-link


Text size

big and small
[​big]Text here[​/big]
[​small]Text here[​/small]



Heading 2 example

​# Heading 1
​## Heading 2

Or use this BBCode tag for heading 1

A table of contents is automatically added just before the first header


Bullet points

• Like this
• Like this
• Like this

⁕ Like this - use an asterisk with a space afterwards



Centred text!
[​center]Centred text![​/center]
"centre" and "center" are both valid BBCode tags and can be used interchangeably


Username tagging

@ then a username
Capitalisation matters, and some usernames don't work, e.g. @killerkunkillerkun..., so just link them instead

Certain punctuation before and after the username stops it from formatting, so just put a space between it and the punctuation. e.g. (@YUMmy_Bacon5) to ( @YUMmy_Bacon5YUMmy_Bacon5 )

This does not notify the user



Originally posted by YUMmy_Bacon5This is a quote
[​quote=YUMmy_Bacon5]This is a quote[​/quote]
The equals is optional

If you don't put a value for the equals, then you won't be able to edit your forum post



: [​flag:gb]
: [​flag:gb/eng/som]

All flags that are on this site are supported - more than the above
To view a flag's countrycode: Open the flag's image, view the URL after /flags/ and that is what should be put

Flags without a valid countrycode do not appear at all



Speedrun1st: S​peedrun1st
More emotes are supported than the above

Here is the list of all supported emotes
@MetaMeta has said that Elo still own the Twitch account from @PacPac!




Some emojis🥓 and emoticons format into images to look like Discord emojis


Media embeds

YouTube, Twitch, BiliBili, Niconico and images ending in a common file extension are all supported

For one of these to embed, just paste the link on its own
To embed an image: upload it onto a file hosting service, e.g. Imgur or in a Discord channel, then copy the image's URL and paste it

YouTube and Twitch both support their video starting at a certain time e.g. "Copy video URL at current time" on YT
Run and news comments don't support embeds


Where is text formatting supported?

In most text inputs

SRC formatting: Forum posts, messages, news posts, run and news comments, run descriptions, and guides
react-markdown: Game Leaderboards' run notes and rules, and messages beta



• Text with an unclosed BBCode tag or nothing after the equals makes you be unable to edit your forum post
• Too may "quote"s or "big" tags makes the text larger than it's intended area e.g. This and this
• 497 unclosed "centre" BBCode tags in a forum post makes the edit box appear for all logged in users - even when it isn't their post e.g. This



• Text does not need to be on a new line after the end of BBCode tags
• Game news, although only accessible when you're a mod, has a preview button so you can get an idea of your formatted text
• Run and news comments do not support media embeds, formatted emojis and emotes

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Dang it, I was gonna mention a typo but he already fixed it.

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Consider using a zero width space to break formatting instead: _​_hello_​_

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Originally posted by Johnny TestVery


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@SizzylSizzyl noo don't ruin the post on the first page

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He’s just testing YOUR guidelines

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@Act_Act_ what's that meant to mean??

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We over at DOOM Eternal used sub bullets in our rules, just by adding a space before a dash or *.
That doesn't work anymore it seems. There anyway to do that now? It was really useful.

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@DrakePHOSEDrakePHOSE they don't work with normal formatting. You put 2 spaces in front of the asterisk
e.g. (The ses are spaces)
⁕ 1
ss⁕ 2
ssss⁕ 3
ss⁕ 2


We figured out how to get the indented empty sub bullet point like before. Just add 2 spaces (rather than the 1 required previously) before the dash (-) or asterisks (*).

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thank you for the update, but, it is a new one or not?

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