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I would like to share this website with everyone who is interested in Speedrunning PS2 games. Since most of the PAL PS2 games are only playable in 50hz, a lot of people would need to buy an american or Japanese PS2 just to get the 60Hz advantage for Speedruns. However people from PAL regions (Europe/Australia etc) should be able to see if their PAL game does support 60Hz or not. I've found a website that I would like to share with everyone. It shows which PAL games run at 60Hz or not. This could make it very easy for Speedrunners to find out, if they have the "correct" version or not.

This is the website I'm talking about:

If someone could make this somehow public or easily accesible for everyone, that'd be awesome.

Thank you for reading

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small thing: I'm pretty sure Makai Kingdom is PAL60 by default.


Correct me if I'm wrong. But couldn't you just mod your ps2 to be region free and just use a ntsc copy?


It's still useful if you already had a copy of the game so you wouldn't need to buy a new one just for speedrunning

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Modding PAL consoles can be weird sometimes. Definitely just buy an NTSC console.

I've been told by numerous people in the past that modifying PAL GCN for example can have pretty odd side effects with game speed if you plan to play NTSC games on it. And there has kind of been some possible proof (at least with one game, Resident Evil 2) that would sort of backup said claim somewhat.

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I've modded my PAL PS2 to play my NTSC-J copies as well as used Swap Magic. I had no issues in case of game speed being different at all. 🙂 Tho the site seems kind of useful for specific games, where dialogue / cutscenes doesn't matter or the NTSC versions aren't accessible / expensive.

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