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Hey guys. I wanna ask, is it possible to add existing games from the website on a new series or do I have to completely create a new game?


It's possible to reassign an existing game to a newly-created series. Moderators of that game can do so in Edit game.

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Thanks for the quick answer, Pac. :3


For some reason I am not able to do that. I wanted to dump 2 Dragon Ball games in the DB series and I don't get an option anywhere.
I am a super-mod in both, the games and te DB series in itself.


At a glance it looks like you figured this out? The third option on game edit lets you choose the series. If there's still issue with this let me know.


I sorted this out by asking Kabukiman to fix it for me. He says the feature to dump games in a series is only enabled for global mods.
I could swear it was an option for me as well just a few weeks ago but that apparently changed.


The option used to be accessible but it was changed for full mods only as it was easily abusable (as it allowed any series mod to create games and move them to any other series, whether they were a mod there or not).
In the same way it opened up the potential for accidental issues.

The option might be reimplemented to allow mods to move it to only the series they are already a moderator of but this is low priority, so for now just ask a full mod/admin.