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I can clearly see that two formats, on which I have speedruns, are missing in the list

Neo-Geo AES

Would somebody add them please? =)


I agree, those categories deserve some love!


The two platforms have been added 🙂


Could you please add TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine, MSX, PC-98, and X68000 as well?


Thanks for that. This thread could be saved for future requests on formats and discussion of them in detail

MSX was requested. I believe there should be a separation between MSX, MSX2 and MSX2+ in the list, as they have different hardware. MSX2 is forward-compatible with the games to the MSX2+ as far as I know, but it lacks features from the latter one, that should affect gameplay

If not separating them, one could always specify which hardware that was used in the run


Correct. It is not. I can tell you that from playing Super Metroid on both consoles.

Question is, do we need to mention that it's VC or can we just go with Wii-u?

I'm learning Metroid on it, so I'm interested to learn about any rules regarding it's use.


As the platforms list is just show completely on every page right now, I'm kinda hesitant to add too many things as it is currently.
To that extent I will work on a solution (I already know what that'll be) hopefully today, otherwise tomorrow.
After that, I'll open and sticky a new thread where you can request the platforms you're missing.

Even then though, please only request platforms you need, not just all platforms you've ever heard off.
(Adding platforms if there aren't going to be any games added to them, is kind of a waste, after all.)


Maybe we need a rule, that an existing speedrun to a game on a format is required, before the format itself can be requested


Well it is kinda difficult to submit a run for a platform that hasn't been added yet.

As for a speedrun having been done for the platform ever, that seems to be a bit too general to be a rule, really.
I mean it goes without question that if someone would request say the ENIAC to be added, that's not going to be done.


Well not difficult but impossible 🙂

What I meant with that rule is that as you said yourself, it's a waste to add platforms, that are not going to be used by anyone. If there is a rule then, that requires existing speedruns to a certain format, before that format can be requested, the problem with empty formats will be resolved. Perhaps we dont need such a rule, since it's all about common sense

One can compare that with the new rule on game requests, where updating information och settings are required within two weeks, in order to not leave games empty


That is true.

I don't expect too many platform requests though, certainly not as many as game requests.
We should be fine without any rules, it's always possible to add a rule later on ofc. 😊