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I just feel like this would be useful, as I keep up with a lot of speedgames, and checking each page individually to see if there is change is a bit of a hassle. I'm not saying this is ultra important, I'm just saying it would be a nice feature to maybe have a "followed games" list on the front page instead, or at least be able to blacklist the million super meat boy times I'm not interested in.

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This is something we want to do, but it affects a lot of parts of the site (recent runs, games page, forums etc) so it is a rather big update which means I can't make any promises on when it'll be done.
If it turns out to be reasonable to launch a part of this (eg only a recent runs page for followed games) before the entire thing, we might do that too.

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Thanks for the fast reply and hard work.


Looks like there's already been an admin response here, but I'd like to throw in and say that I would definitely use this feature if you guys were able to work it in.


as a perhaps more short-term goal maybe there could just be a per-series "Latest Runs" page. So instead of only having the global "Latest Runs" on the home page there would also be one for each series of games. Then after that you can look into allowing people to follow certain series/games etc. in a different update.


I was wondering about this too. In the future it would be nice to see some sort of "news feed" for the games we follow. This site is fantastic, and I'm really excited it exists because it's a great example of a project done right. Keep up the great work!


Following/favourites is the next big update I'll be working on; currently in the planning phase.
So if you have any more specific suggestions/requests, let me know!


Lighnat0r I'd also really like this feature, and as for more specific suggestions, being able to follow individual runners and see runs of any game they post, and being able to follow a specific category for a game would be cool to have.

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Thanks for the suggestions, the initial update will be restricted to following games, following users will have to be added after that (but is planned).
As for following a specific category, that might be a bit tricky to implement, could you give some examples of when that would be preferable over following the entire game?


Following just the game would be fine, I was just suggesting it for games with a lot of categories (more than 2 or 3) and a person might only run one of those categories and only want to see runs for it. It still wouldn't be that bad for them to just follow the game, and that's probably an uncommon situation.