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wont let me send screenshot its saying it wont let me submit but i did set seed instead of random seed, i did random seed... BRUHV WTH


Your account needs to be 7 days old before you are allowed to edit submissions.

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Mods will notice and correct it
Calm down


Originally posted by "Your account needs to be 7 days old before you are allowed to edit submissions."
I'm sorry, what...? So you can submit runs but not edit your own runs when your account is new? That sounds ridiculously stupid.

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I can't edit my post to fix the mistake I made with quoting. Good bug. I can edit this post though.


Yes I agree that the 7 day rule for editing submissions is stupid. I believe it was originally done to avoid spam, but there has to be a better approach to mitigating whatever spam comes from editing runs than just removing that feature for a week.

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I mean, people can submit spam on the initial version of the run, I don't see any difference between that and editing in the spam later.
Also, why can't new people delete their own runs as well?

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All of the constraints on accounts are arbitrary like that:

- Can't delete your runs for 7 days
- Can't edit your runs for 7 days
- Can't request mod for 30 days
- Can't submit a game for 7 days

I think I might be missing one or two other restrictions, but the latter two are the most egregious in my opinion because they are conflicting with one another. You can request a game (and become mod) after 7 days but can't request mod for an already established game for 30. I'm pretty sure I posted this in the Feedback Thread already, but that makes no sense at all. Why is it that after 7 days, a user is considered trust-worthy enough to moderate a new game, but not enough to moderate an existing game? There needs to be some consistency between those latter two, because right now, I see no reason why an extra 23 days is required to gain mod for an established game.

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Can't send pms for 7 days either, which is a hassle if the mods need to contact the runner over something. And normally a new player is more likely to have some minor issue with their run that needs addressing. I understand that restriction as an anti-spam measure, but it'd make more sense to simply prevent new players from initiating pms, allowing them to reply to any they've received.

Originally posted by TimmiluvsThere needs to be some consistency between those latter two, because right now, I see no reason why an extra 23 days is required to gain mod for an established game.

Technically, they wouldn't be able to request mod for 21 days in any case, since you're supposed to wait at least 3 weeks before using that thread. Though I suppose there's an unstated exception for games with no moderators at all. On the other hand, given the amount of time it takes to get a game approved, it would almost match up with the game submission rules in practice.

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I really dislike the limit on access to dms. It also means if you send a dm to someone new, they can't even read it. Almost all the dms I send are for informative purposes, and to newer accounts. It's very disruptive.

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@XeroGoFastXeroGoFast I'm pretty sure new accounts can still read them, they just can't respond. When I realized I'd sent one to a runner too new to respond a couple weeks ago, I sent a follow-up telling him to write in the description if the problem was fixed or unfixable, and he did so.

Wait, come to think of it, how was he able to edit his run? His account was 1 day old at the time.


Yeah I hate the restriction on messaging, I think they should allow accounts younger than 7 days to message people if the other person initiates the conversation. This would prevent accounts from sending spam messages to users unless they got a message first. This would also allow mods to message accounts younger than 7 days with inquiries regarding run submissions and allow them to respond easily. I also think new accounts should be able to edit their runs once per hour or 10 minutes or something like that to prevent spam as well as be allowed to delete their own runs (the restriction on deleting your own runs makes absolutely no sense whatsoever).

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