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Any reason to not allow F12? It's a game mechanic that's in the game, and often used in casual playthroughs. And I feel the full-game runs are far too tedious if we can't speed up waiting times.

Given that there are hardly any full-game runs (presumably because they are too long for people to want to run) maybe allowing the F12 mechanic would improve that? I certainly would consider running it.


The reason behind not allowing F12 is that we time in ingame time. For RTA the F12 would be the fastest way of beating the game. But using the ingame timer makes it easier to get into speedrunning and is generally convinient.

For most missions you can do stuff to optimise 95% of the time anyway. If you are aiming for a good time that is.

The only categories you could consider it are the full game runs but there I am not a big fan either as it would leed to some pretty weird strategies that would be boring to play and watch.

Also the full game rusn for the first 3 campaigns take abaout 2h in theory which is nothing considering this is an rts game.

PS: I would like to see a new face on the leaderboards ;-).


I understand using ingame for individual missions, but wouldn't RTA be easier for full-game? No having to add up the individual times, just hit your splits each mission. I'd have thought most people would find Livesplit more convenient for this, hence why it's the common method people use.

Personally am only really interested in full-game runs.


the full-game runs are timed rta as save and load is allowed there. the ingame time there is just the added up mission time to see how good the run could have been.


Oh I see. If full-game is RTA, is there any reason then for F12 not being allowed in that category?

Also, on that note, why would saving and loading not be permitted in level-runs?


if you use ingame timer for IL you cannot allow save and load. if it would be allowed you could save and load as many times as you want and the ingame timer would not reflect that as you load to that sepcific time over and over again which would defeat the purpose of a speedrun.

I think I have stated enough why I would not allow F12. if more people want the F12 to be allowed in full-game runs we could have a vote.


Oh I see, yes then I agree about the saving and loading for level runs.

You mentioned something about 'weird strategies' with F12. I am unaware of any, my understanding was that it just skips time, so less waiting around. Perhaps there's more to it than I originally understood. Can you give an example of such a strategy that is considered weird?


I fear that strats like building up and then skipping time to get an army with that you overrun the enemy will be a thing. Or starting a building, skip, start the next building, skip...

I feel that these strats aren't a very good "speedrun" in the sense to doing everything perfectly. I mean carefully managing your soldiers and place the buildings in the exact second your workers are free just feels way more like playing the game perfectly.

I have the same problem in another RTS where you can speed up the battles to 4x or more where it leeds to just attack clicking and hoping the best.