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If you have any questions of the moderators, for example to know whether your death in a "No Up+A" run is okay or not, feel free to chime in here. I'd like submitting to this board to be a stress free experience, particularly for newer runners. We're happy to answer questions and put you at ease.

You can also ask on Discord:

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Hey, im a Yoshi's Island runner looking to pick up a new game. My only question would be is what emulator(s) are allowed for runs? I didn't see it mentioned in the submission rules so I'm just curious


Are clone NES Systems regarded as actual console, or emulator?

I can't really find much on this topic other than "It's not official hardware and would likely get put under emulators" which is a valid argument, but what is like the actual verdict of moderation for these?

I recently obtained a Classiq N. Im not sure if it's just this one that could be accurate or not, or perhaps another one could be more accurate, or that its too much of a headache to even bother with it and put it under emulation. idk honestly.


My view: Depends on how they're made. Analogue Nt Mini and RetroUSB AVS re-creations I'd call consoles, because they're low-level hardware recreations. Hyperkins and the like are emulators.

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What about the MiSTer? I noticed the Zelda 2 community seems to have embraced the MiSTer as a selectable platform on their leaderboard but it hasn't been done here yet for some reason, was this an oversight from not having many runners using it or for some other reason?