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The Zelda Randomizer is growing in popularity among speedrunners. Should there be a new category added for first and second quest randomizer speedruns? I think we should, it will generate more activity for the game!


I'm not really sure the point of that, given how many categories there would have to be, and how much it all depends on seed RNG.

People are racing it for giggles.


Seeing as its all random, should just have a 100% and Any%?


Have you ¤Seen¤ how many different settings there are? You can't compare say, anarchy, pandemonium, and chaos runs.


Good point, finding an agreed upon category for an overall run would be challenging.


We should still do this however. I have done a few runs now under a specific category I call Nightmare %, and feel is very challenging and could be fun for the experienced runners. Id love to see some competitive randomizer spirit. I could round up a few runners I am sure, Darkwing, KMAC, Eunos, maybe even lack attack now that he has the WR for 1Q. I have mod experience here at speedrun, I could add a specific category or discuss it further with Polk or Lack.

Let me know guys, I think this could be a good thing. We just need maybe one or two randomizer categories, no more. Too many will get cluttered and be too much work.


I really don't think it's appropriate, since ultimately it'll come down to who gets the best seed.

And when some rando comes in with a fixed seed, how do you police whether he knew the seed in advance or not?

Also what happens when a new version comes out?


kinda funny reading this after stuff like minecraft speedruns blew up lol


But that's completely different though. Randomizer is more akin to a romhack or something similar whereas Minecraft, or another game like Virtual Hydlide, use generated codes to change the vanilla experience.

The very nature of a randomizer is to give the player a new experience, but the fun comes in the discovery of the secrets and the on-the-fly routing and logic breakdown required to beat each seed. There HAVE been rando tournaments in the past using spoiler logs to give runners a chance to "route" the seed out. Some have been faster than vanilla; others slower.

However, any and all interest in those routed seeds disappeared once the tournaments ended. These seeds still exist and could be ran and routed by new runners, but the interest level is so cold at this point, I can't see any real reason to include a leaderboard for something like that. I mean, which seeds do we include? Who decides? Like Pres said 5 years ago, the logistics alone would make it a nightmare. AND on top of that, what happens if an update later on makes the previous seeds unplayable?


TL;DR I sincerely doubt we'll ever see a Z1R leaderboard, and if my opinion ever matters on the subject, I like and prefer it that way.

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Mario 64 randomizer has a decently sized scene these days for example so it can definitely work, but i see your point.