Sugestion Way for NEW Record UP+A for Zelda NES
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Sugestion Way for NEW Record UP+A for Zelda NES

Sword Lv 1 - UP+A - (Dungeon 1) - Heart1 - Sword Lv 2 - UP+A - (Dungeon 3) - UP+A - 50$Game - Buy Candle - (Dungeon 4) - UP+A - 100$Candle - Buy Meat - (Dungeon 2) - (Dungeon 5) - (Dungeon 7) - 100$Candle - Warp for Heart 2 - Buy Bow - Heart 3 - Warp Flute for Sword Lv 3 - (Dungeon 6) - (Dungeon 8) - (Dungeon 9).

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Any route that gets both the white sword and the magical sword will be too slow. The white sword is not worth getting since there isn't that much combat in level 3, 4 and 5 that bombs don't already handle. Level 3 is manipulated already as well. Feel free to try this route, but I don't see this supplanting the current route.

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It was just a suggestion...But I think it's worth evaluating. I'll try another route with the Level 1 sword and post it if it seems better than the current route. Congratulation for all the Records!!!

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