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Hi GCTK24. I was interested in running this game but from what I can tell most of the glitches / skips in your current WR are now impossible, presumably patched out by the dev.

Can you check your game and let me know if the skips are indeed impossible, or (if they are still there) let me know if there is a particular 'knack' to getting out of bounds?

If you agree that they have been patched out, can you create a Current Patch Any% (Easy) category please? I have not yet done a run but will give it a try soon.


On second thought, the new 'Easy' difficulty is labelled 'For kids', so I think I'd prefer a category for Current Patch Any% (Normal).

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My run is not that optimized. I think even without the skips you would be able to beat the record.
Before i add a new category, I would like to know and test the skips that seem to be patched on my own.
2-1 OOB works
1-1 OOB too


Thanks GCTK24.

Previously I could only get 1-2 OOB to work but I tried again yesterday and I can do 2-1 OOB (though I need practice as I can only do it 1/20 at the moment!). I still can't manage 1-1 (when I reload checkpoint it remains on the ground) - is there a trick to it?

There is no longer an Easy difficulty so my run was on Normal. There is a 'For kids' difficulty where bosses have one less life - will that be admissible to the Any% category?

I think new OOB may be possible by 'super jumping' by clipping into some enemies, but I need to test it more.

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Example of enemy collision jump:


Incidentally, the super jump also works with the crushing blocks in world 4 but I have yet to find a useful application for it.

I have a strange request.. I wondered whether you could change the cover picture into a square one, e.g.
I have a bit of OCD and as most of the other games I run have a square cover, it would be good if THOB matched. Weird I admit!