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I feel like there can be like 2 ways of how this game can be counted as beated at 100%

1. Metroid style. 100% upgraded character. I think it means:
All weapons level 3, max shields, max guns, max fire rate (60 shots per sec), 4000 max chips, 30! max hp for ntsc versions of the game.

2. SMB3 style. Clearing all obstacles. I think it means: Clearing all corridors (~smb3 stages) / mini bosses (~hammer bros)

So Zakky's run didn't get any of those 2 conditions. He didn't get all level ups and max hp so his characters can't be count as 100% upgraded and he didn't beat all mini bosses. So that run doesn't feel as 100% in any means.

If i'm wrong ok. Set exact rules what you have to do to beat this game 100%

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There's a pretty lengthy discussion about it on SDA if you want to check it out


So, I fought to take Zakky's 100% speedrun record from 2014-2016. I got it down to 1:19.02.
The rules we were using for 100% were as follows.

All corridors cleared.
All subweapons to level 3 and EE's obtained.
Shields to max at 7.
Guns to max at 4.
All blue and red landers acquired.

This does NOT include rapid fire weapons, excess subweapon upgrades (there are what, 5 multiballs on the map?), minibosses on the overworld map.

It would be really unfortunate if we moved to a different 100% classification, as then we would have no WR and we'd have to fight all over for it again. Although it would be an opportunity for me to grab #1.


So in follow-up as this game is starting to get more attention (which is awesome): We've talked over the rules and they are now posted. It's what's been already discussed in the SDA thread and outlined by friday - the only change to existing runs was the last split (which appear to be on final hit vs loss of control after It). Existing times prior to rules being set will be grandfathered in. Runs here on should follow the rules for 100% as they now stand.

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