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I don't know if it is known yet or if it is possible to reproduce but I got to the mobius armoury in the first area (doing the rogue side quest) and on my way out there was a slightly cracked door that I had to push E to open (once back in the house where the computer is located) and it just threw me right through the house and halfway across the map, not sure if it is reproducible or just something random that happened to me, but I thought I would share. I was crouched when I tried to open the door, that is the only thing I did that was out of the ordinary.


Happen to have any videos of this? The game is quite buggy. When I finishing my first run, the environment around me disappeared and i landed ion the corner of the map. really weird.


Here is a similar thing but this one happened to a streamer and it was just with a stealth kill/bush.

He was crouched as well, so i think that is key.


Crouching has to play some part in it, because as he flies away hes stuck in the crouch/stealth kill animation for a brief period, also notice how it says climb down for a moment as he flies away.