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I want to get as many peoples opinions on what the categories should be aswell as rules regarding timing, glitches and so on.

In my opinion i think there should only be 2 categories, Any% and Glitchless with the sub categories being New Game+ and New Game, the difficulty categories in my opinion make to much of a mess and are unnessecary when you can just have a difficulty variable to filter by, and i think the run should be timed with the load remover for PC, because its the most accurate and fair way to time the run between all runners.

As for what should be allowed in glitchless i feel like the aiming to gain speed and maintain stamina should not be classed as a glitch, its such a simple mechanic thats its hard to define when you can and cant aim, thats just silly, as for falling down ladders instead of climbing them i dont think that should be considered a glitch either, because if they devs wanted you to climb the ladder they would have added a barrier around the ladder so you couldnt drop down.

Whats your guys opinions? Whether you agree with what i have said or you have your own ideas post them below, i want to get as much feedback as possible! 🙂

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On Categories, 1. there should not be 28 world records with nearly no difference in between most of them,
2. the fastest time should be on the front page, not the most ran category, any% casual NG+ should be the front page.
3. New game + and New game are not main categories.
4. Why are console linked with other categories, put consoles under the platform section to reduce confusion and complaints.
5. Get rid of 2 difficulties please, you're giving the casual wr holder 2 more free world records just by having survival and nightmare as categories, a few more bullets wont effect how the run goes, i can guarentee you, there will be little to no difference between these records once they're optimised. casual and classic should be the only ones.

On the timing method, exactly what matt said.

On aiming to gain speed, it is not a glitch, it does not glitch you, it should be allowed.

On Ladder skips, i've already asked kindly to remove that rule, so do it please.

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Categories are staying the same.

Aiming is to reserve stamina is allowed because the community as a whole wanted it
ladder skips are allowed
load remover can be used if wanted.

That's it. the boards are set and the rules just need to be added on the categories.

THanks for the response but nothing regarding the categories will be changed.