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Okay, I want to just say that I am not a mod and you can use your own terminology but this is what I am using.

UPS - Units per second

Unit - One step in a room (Made up of 32 pixels or 8 by 8 pixels)

Room - A screen (Made up of 32 units)

Bunny hopping - Moving and jumping - UPS 2.6
(Fastest consistent way of movement)

Shot hopping - Bunny hopping but you - UPS 2.3
shoot a web in between jumps (Second fastest way of consistent movement)


Important things.
Okay in the video linked I discovered a way to "Clip". I (as of writing this) not been able to recreate this.

Clip theory - I watched the video and it just looks like what I want to call "Character displacement" (cd for shot). Spidey was in the laying down position, but I shot a web putting me in the crouching/sitting position. This in affect, clipped me through the floor. This is VERY important. Thank you for your time.


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