I think that there should be some more categories for this. Here are my ideas.
Louis% (Play the game as fast as you can but go with all romance options for Louis)
Violet% (Same thing as Louis% but with Violet)
Tenn% (Start at episode 4 and make AJ shoot Tenn, ends when AJ fires the bullet.)
Dead% (Die in anyway as fast as you can.)
Marlon% (Start at episode 1 and time ends when Marlon gets shot.)
AllGone% (Play game from beginning to end while dying in every way possible, [Yes this is gonna be hard, learn how you can die.])


These ideas are pointless for the game. They would only be good for a category extensions leaderboard for this game, which this game is not a popular speedruning leaderboard so which I would not allow such a leaderboard to ever exist, unless if it was a popular board.


Death% seems like an amusing novelty that I wouldn't be opposed to, but the rest of these are pretty much pointless - Marlon% and Tenn% are basically just the Episode 1 and 4 categories which already exist, and Violet% and Louis% are just more specific versions of a category that literally nobody plays as it is.