Why hasn’t my run been verified yet?
4 years ago
North Carolina, USA

Apologies. 99 times out of a 100, it comes down to time. I'm, more or less, the only active moderator of most of the Tony Hawk games, including THAW. In the near future, hopefully we will have some people step in to help fill the void left by the old guard (especially since I'm very busy lately). Your run is approved, along with the other ones waiting.

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Oregon, USA

i also have a couple runs awaiting verification, ranging from today to about 3 weeks back (although the older ones will likely be rejected for moon gravity, the most recent is legit.)

East Riding of Yorkshire, England

Submitted runs with cheats is just wasting the moderator's already limited time, common sense helps a lot here

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Oregon, USA

Well, 2 new runs Classic all goals (sick) 13:04 (submitted 8 days ago)

11:04 (Submitted today)

Awaiting verification(:

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