Requests about game rules
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Requests about game rules

Currently, Martron7 in 1st place is running in New Game +, and Airsalad in 2nd place is running in New Game, so there is too much time difference. As a proof, there is no emblem acquisition screen after clearing the stage in the Martron7 video.

It is not a rule violation for both of them because there is not a strict description in the rule, but I would like you to revise the rules to meet the conditions.

Also, the DS version is recorded on the Full-game Leaderboard and Level LeaderBoard, but since the DS version has a page as the DS version, please do something about it by moving or deleting it.

North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Y_noujiru have had a discussion about it, and we are now playing the game in new game, not new game plus.

Washington, USA

Looks like y’all lost the moderator you once had for this game, so I can make the rules update. Let me know if there’s a consensus on appointing a new one.

North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

I guess I could do it, with the low umber of players I should be able to handle it.

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