All Levels - Singleplayer in 2h 06m 41s by LustNoelLustNoel (Obsolete)

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LustNoelLustNoel on
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Name Duration Finished at
-Deku Forest 2m 12s 000ms 2m 12s
-Buzz Blob cave 2m 45s 000ms 4m 58s
-Moblin Base 3m 36s 000ms 8m 35s
{Woodlands}Forest Temple 4m 03s 000ms 12m 38s
-Secret Fortress 2m 57s 000ms 15m 36s
-Abyss of Agony 3m 55s 000ms 19m 32s
-Cove of transition 2m 43s 000ms 22m 15s
{Riverside}Water temple 4m 39s 000ms 26m 55s
-Blazing Trial 3m 26s 000ms 30m 21s
-Hinox mine 4m 18s 000ms 34m 40s
-Den of Flames 2m 54s 000ms 37m 34s
{Volcano}Fire Temple 3m 52s 000ms 41m 26s
-Frozen Plateau 2m 31s 000ms 43m 58s
-Snowball Ravine 3m 19s 000ms 47m 18s
-Silver Shrine 3m 36s 000ms 50m 55s
{Ice Cavern}Ice Temple 4m 17s 000ms 55m 12s
-Sealed Gateway 3m 40s 000ms 58m 53s
-Bomb storage 4m 39s 000ms 1h 03m 32s
-Training ground 3m 40s 000ms 1h 07m 12s
{Fortress}The Lady's Lair 5m 39s 000ms 1h 12m 52s
-Infinity dunes 3m 29s 000ms 1h 16m 21s
-Stone Corridors 4m 32s 000ms 1h 20m 54s
-Gibdo Mausoleum 2m 34s 000ms 1h 23m 29s
{The Dunes}Desert Temple 4m 57s 000ms 1h 28m 26s
-Illusory mansion 4m 02s 000ms 1h 32m 29s
-Palace Noir 5m 02s 000ms 1h 37m 31s
-Lone Labryinth 4m 00s 000ms 1h 41m 31s
{The Ruins}Grim Temple 4m 13s 000ms 1h 45m 45s
-Floating Garden 4m 36s 000ms 1h 50m 21s
-Deception Castle 5m 08s 000ms 1h 55m 29s
-Dragon Citadel 3m 28s 000ms 1h 58m 58s
{Sky Realm}Sky Temple 7m 42s 000ms 2h 06m 41s
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