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Kind of having a hard time contacting any of the moderators around here.

Brames: only made Youtube available.
Lazerlong: only made Youtube available.
Asaaj: Youtube and Discord account seem to have vanished. His Steam which he wasn't online on for 31 days.
biskuu: has only Discord and his Discord account doesn't seem to exist.

YouTube is shutting down its private messaging feature on September 18th which makes it probably impossible to contact some of the moderators here at all since they only made that platform available.

Kindly get back to me here on through Discord as there are some things I would like to discuss.

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I tried to contact Lazerlong, because I wanted to ask him if I could become a moderator in this game, but he still didn't respond. Same with biskuu and Asaaj, I added them on Discord, but no respond from them either.

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@darGdarG Same here. I went directly to the "last resort" forum because I was told these exact things. But hopefully, we can revive this speedrun community again.


@TrickstabberTrickstabber I'd really like to do that, but moderators can't be changed unless they are 21 days offline or the oldest run is pending for 21 days.


Guess we'll have to wait and see. I've submitted my run few days ago and haven't heard back yet. It said it takes 1-2 weeks.


Old post, you can always contact me via Twitter/Twitch and youtube still. That has never changed, and my runs were on Twitch before youtube. That being said, with Trickstab being a recent addition, you should just contact directly whenever possible.


Hey guys, most of the people who still mod this forum are on and off, as well as me (Admittedly). I was contacted by, and the reports for runs needed to be verified is an issue. If you're interested in possible mods please let me know, and I'll go over possible new mods.

In the meantime I'll try to go over the submitted runs and get some of the old mods back on when possible


Hi, i'm the guy that wanted to become mod for this game, since I am gonna run this game. Please add also WR holder darG , he wants to become one too. Add us as super-mods so we cloud help more. Thanks.