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I have a question my run is waiting of approval for 8 days.
And i see that other runs are getting verified.
I don't understand that beacuse there are a lot of moderators.
If you have select moderators verifing only MVM runs then ok.
But then the training moderators are offline for few months - week.
I cloud help by just Verifier role i would help beacuse i see that some moderators are not on website.
I am writing this beacuse i have my not verified run of 11:59 for 8 days and i am waiting to post a better ones but my slower one is not verified.
Thank you for reading ill answer any questions down below.

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Unfortunately, I am not qualified to verify basic runs, only MvM ones. I will contact one of the moderators who can. If your run is not verified in the next week add me on Steam and I will have a look at it myself.

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@TrickstabberTrickstabber If mods don't have time (or have problems) to verify Basic Training runs, I'm willing to help.

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We have Brames, Asaaj who work mainly with Basic/Script. Give it some time as the mods are off and on these days.