How often are new runs reviewed?
1 year ago

Have some pending for 3+ weeks and just curious how active the reviewing process is.


Patience dude. It's only like one or two people managing all of this. Might get lucky and they come across a run right away, or it might take over a month. It's not that big of a deal. It's only Tetris.


1 mod was online a month ago, the other 3 years ago

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oop, good thing someone DM'd me on twitter lol

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I was curious too since I've had some runs pending for a few monþs and ðey were just accepted a few days ago.

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Time to add some mods I think.

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I've been added as a mod. I'll start verifying the backlog.

FYI, I'm also removing "real time" information for runs that use IGT to clean things up. So if your run is re-verified, don't stress.

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