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Hey all,

New mod/overlord here. I bothered Ewil enough about making the console versions of TD6 viable to run that he's letting me moderate the game. There's a few things I wanna clarify, change and polish including rules and timing.

Both of the console versions of TD6 are very similar to the PC version, but have minor differences (Max bets, night racing) and also experience slowdown on real hardware. My in-game time for my any% run is 1:22 but the realtime is 2:25 because the slowdown means that in some places, 3-seconds take place before the ingame timer counts up 1second. The car is, of course, moving slower as well, but it's not viable to have them on the same board.

Seeing as there's a couple of semi-recent runs I wanted to see how the community feels about a couple of changes I'd like to make.

For one, would the PC guys be open to timing by IGT? This would be an easy thing to go back and change as TD6 actually adds up IGT for you at the end of each tournament. So it would take me maybe 10 minutes to retime existing runs. The downside of this is that it does take away the element of speedy menuing. The upside is that it might let people get faster times through upgrading, and also allows for easier breaks if someone ever wanted to attempt a 100% run (I might do so, soon)

Second order of business: In game settings. There are currently no rules dictating what ingame settings runners may use. There is a game difficulty setting, a traffic on/off setting and a cops on/off setting. I know traffic and cops get everyone, but I'm wondering if people would like to make them optional. Game set to no traffic/cops would allow for more pure driving skill to come through. However, players looking for the best routing for 100% runs might find that leaving police and traffic on creates more obstacles for the rubberbanding AI to crash into and make them more money, allowing for interesting tournament routing as you'd be able to skip around the way the current WR does in new ways.

I intend to make the game difficulty setting up to the user as "any%" just implies "beat the game" and doesn't have a difficulty attached to it.

Now, third order of business: ILs. Do we want to separate console/PC ILs? I believe that the in-game timer is more or less fair to both parties given that I beat or came close to many WRs held by wacfwaef during my PS1 run but also had trouble on other ones. That said, the PS1/DC do have slowdown which makes it possible to adjust in some places. It's up to you guys whether we split them or not- I'd prefer to leave them all together as the game is already small.

Let me know what y'all think!

Edit: I have also added a couple of categories. All Challenges will be what it sounds like and has categories for each class of car. Cop Chase has subcategories for Stop the Racer, Stop the Bomber and 100% runs. These are PC only for the time being because of the lack of in-game timer in these modes.

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I did a 100% run but I fucked up on recording, it was just streamed on twitch


Hi kacey,

In 2011, I guess you could say I hacked the PC version of Test Drive 6. I made the racer cars impact resistant (so cops/traffic is not an issue anymore . . . they can be there or not be there, it makes no major difference), increased the acceleration, maximum speed, inertia, road grip, etc., to enable a player to experience this game (in the PC version, at least) on a whole new level. I have two example (single track) runs to provide. They are in the new version of this game (Test Drive Remastered).

Newcastle FWD (best lap 22.56 seconds, best 3 lap time 1:11:00)

Hong Kong FWD (1:04:83)

These are the only videos I have uploaded which show me using my hack (and I have NEVER seen anyone else do this before); you can see a more complete list of the times I achieved in Test Drive 6 (the original game) with this hack in a table format at r/speedrun.

As you can see from my best times WITHOUT the hack, I am (I guess I could say "was", as these times were from 2011) good at this game. All of those times were achieved in HARD difficulty with traffic and cop cars ON. (That's why I got fed up with it enough to become desperate enough to find a way to make the cars impact resistant.)

I think that since "Test Drive 6 Remastered" PC version is free, I feel that old fans of Test Drive 6 may find my PC hack to provide a new experience in the game. As opposed to the Nitro Oxide boost (and related?) cheatcodes, my hack provides enhancement in all areas of the cars' capabilities. This allows more CONTROLLED and balanced supercharged cars.

So what I am saying is, if there could be a new column for time records in which "anything goes", then it might bring in more competitors. We can in effect advertise "Test Drive 6" to younger gamers and regain the interest of gamers who were around when Test Drive 6 came out.

You don't have to allow this, but I just want to let more people know that racing at ridiculous speeds can actually become an art -- not just pure chaos.

I don't "expect" a decision on this immediately. I am mainly making this post to let you (and the other gamers) know that this hack exists. I will let you all decide what you wish to do (or not do) with it. In that regard, I can provide you with more details about the hack later, if you are interested to try it out yourselves.

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Interesting read. I'l look into it a bit more next time I sit down to do speedrun things, but I've been on a bit of a hiatus.


Oh, I can understand that! Take your time! Two weeks after I wrote that, I uploaded a video with me racing in England FWD ( (AVERAGE speed was 275 MPH, my personal best) and "stopping the racers" cop chase ( (nothing special except that all 5 racers and I had supercharged cars, but you can guess that since I made ALL cars impact resistant --at least towards the traffic and traffic cop cars-- putting this spin on the game makes stopping the racers a different challenge).