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So I've been watching a couple of the top speedruns in the Coop category, and I've noticed that sometimes they use a Mythril Anvil to craft Hallowed Armor for the late game bosses. However, they never even spawn Mythril in the world (by destroying an altar)

The only way (as far as I know) to get a Mythril Anvil without spawning it, is by fishing, but this would require at least 2 Mythril Crates or better, and definetly does not seem like it's possible to do within the sort time the non-host aren't helping with bosses or anything.

So I guess my question is; do people just bring a Mythril Anvil into speedruns via the coop person? Or does anyone have an explanation?


The 2nd place with tjruk, Dajen, Yuidesu and Icysnowman
And then the 5th place with German_Ginger and Shroomie


I think I know what you're talking about.
In 1.4 you can craft 'Ancient Hallowed Armor' on demon altars, without a hardmode anvil. It's the equivalent of hallowed armor, but with the old sprites.


I see - thanks man 😃

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