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passing the terraria in the zenith seed, I thought about the speedrun in the zenith seed. A prerequisite is a master mod, this speedrun will be both just an interesting speedrun and a test to test your skills. I will wait for your success, good luck in future speedruns

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sounds painful, i love it

why have i never heard of zenith and what is it

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@MurpherPlayz the seed "getfixedboi" aka "zenith seed" is a secret seed which is a combination of all of the other existing secret seeds in the game (ex: for the worthy, not the bees, don't dig up, the constant, etc.). @neotes we do not have a category for the zenith seed, and it is unlikely that we will add one for the same reason we don't allow secret seeds in general, which is that it is impossible to verify that people are playing on a randomly generated seed as there is no method (as far as we know) to identify a secret seed world with a "seed" if that makes any sense. Essentially, because you input "getfixedboi" into the seed spot during world generation, there is no identifier for that world like a normal world would with its seed that is randomly generated. If you are interested in watching a speedrun of this seed, the runner Dacktem did a 1 sitting run of the seed in 19 hours, here are the links:

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