Possible 3ds Category?
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Possible 3ds Category?

The 3ds version of Minecraft, with it's exclusives, isn't applicable to any other category in the game due to it's unique update line and exclusive enemies and bosses.

Perhaps an All Boss category could be made for this version of the game?

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3DS should either be a category extension OR have its own game on SRC. I want an official 3DS Terraria leaderboard.

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I agree, if there was a leaderboard for 3ds terraria i would want to do runs, it sounds like alot of fun


I like the idea of a separate 3DS leaderboard, but unfortunately there's not much motivation at the moment from the current moderators of this leaderboard, myself included, in creating it. Part of the reason for me is that I know nothing about that version of the game, how one would go about recording the footage from that device, and if emulation is a consideration or not.

If someone has more knowledge about the points I mentioned above, and would be willing to put in the work to set up the leaderboard, by all means, go for it. You could use the existing leaderboards and their rules as a baseline, and I could provide some help with run verification (once rules are defined of course). It is pretty common practice for a third person to set up new leaderboards for a different version or game in a given franchise, as long as they've asked the maintainers of existing leaderboards to do it first. You can reference this thread in the application for creating the leaderboard to prove just that.

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Well, there's a fair bit to consider with 3ds to be fair, especially since it has an entirely separate update line from the rest of the versions (Primarily being 1.2.4 with a few changes and additions from, along with a shocking amount of exclusive weapons and armour along with 3 exclusive bosses)

Recording has varied methods depending on the model. New 3ds users can just stream it wirelessly to their PC with a bit of homebrew working, but old 3ds users are stuck with either capture card or the dreaded method of pointing a camera right at the device. As far as I know, Citra emulation doesn't have much to put it over playing it on actual hardware (it may even be a little bit of a disadvantage), though I'm a little blind on the emulation thing myself.

Something to note is, Old 3ds users ARE stuck at 30 fps and a world smaller than the current gen small worlds, though New 3ds users do get 60 fps and the option for current gen equivalent small worlds. Not sure if that'd effect the most but hey, I felt like it's worth mentioning.

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This would be very nice. Don't worry about the capture method there are tons of 3ds categories that still work great.

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if so then I want a Wii U category as well

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As previously stated, the moderation team as a whole has little to no interest in creating and hosting old gen console boards. If you all are interested enough to get a separate board set up, some of us would be more than happy to provide some assistance with verification and rule setting.

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He/Him, They/Them
3 months ago

If anyone here still wants to see this happen, I’d be more than happy to set it up. Old-gen Terraria certainly has its own charm ^^ Just need a bit of time, hopefully you guys are looking forward to it!

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