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I have an idea for a new category called Any% All Characters. The goal is to beat the game with all 3 characters in one single segment run from a new save. The rules will basically match the rules for the other Tenchu 2 any% categories:

- Must be a new game.
- You can use any items gained during the run.
- Time for Real Time starts when choosing the first characters stage, and ends when the final characters boss's HP reaches 0 (final hit on the final boss). Note: this run will be based off In-game time unless all other categories are changed to Real Time
- In-game time is tallied up after the run from the record screen.
- You MUST show all times from the record screen at the end of the run.
- Single Segment
- You can play the characters in any order, but you must complete all 3.
- The cheat code to unlock Tatsumaru may be used. No other cheat codes are allowed.

I've successfully run this category a few times. This video is my current PB (and I guess WR too).

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I beat my old record. New record is 58 minutes and 6.4 seconds In Game Time and 1 hour 19 minutes 14 seconds Real Time.

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Fun fact... right after that record, I did 1 final all character any% attempt and ALMOST beat my record again... but in the last 2 minutes one of the enemies didn't spawn (and you have to beat all enemies for the final boss to appear).

I tried to turn around to go back and beat him... but I fell off the boat and died T_T



This is a cool idea, I like this category.
When we get the emulator situation sorted out, I'd be happy to make a new category for this.