Importing Characters / NG+
4 years ago

I know someone will ask this question at some point in the future asking why there isn't a NG+ for games like Undiscovered Realms, The Traitor Souls and The Cursed King.

The reason behind this is that it will be highly unfair for someone that has levelled up for a long time to speedrun the game as compared to someone that has beaten the game once and used that same character immediately afterwards for a run.

However, there will be a new category to be released that will feature NG+. The rule being is that you MUST start the first FATE game on NG, import the same character onto Undiscovered Realm, then again onto Traitor Soul and finally onto Cursed King, completing one game after another. That way it will all be timed as one complete run and any grinding you do for one game can have repercussions on the final time.

If you so wish to, you can use the time that you got for the first FATE game as whatever Any% difficulty you did as a time and then the entire FATE run as another run.

Evidence must be shown of the difficulty that NG uses and evidence must also be shown of the same character being used for each game, as you can't change difficulty when importing characters in the 3 latest games.