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A user had requested via the request form that the Telltale series receive its own overarcing series that contains all the games within it, apart from their own respective series pages, of course.

This thread can be used to decide which users are going to moderate/handle this overarcing series page, or if this overarcing series page is even necessary at all.

I made this page and thread as a means for this to be discussed, and for the moderators of each individual set of games to reach an agreement.

I'll check back in to this thread fairly regularly (and give a bit of time for this stuff to be discussed in here), if there's any issues feel free to contact me via twitter or discord.

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Hm, this is interesting, personality I think it could be a good idea. So if we do go through with this I think the moderators should be the first people who requested there game first. Like for example who ever request the Batman telltale series games or series first should be added. I think only one person form every telltale series should be added like one from Minecraft, Batman, borderlands, walking dead and so on. It’s a Good idea and I guess it would be kind of unique from other games since talltale is like a series in a series which is kind of odd. But at the same time this is like adding a “rockstar games series” but I think this is a little different and could workout

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Maybe we can all be mods. We can have some rules like not adding games without any runs of it existing from now on. I really don't think we will turn on each other, either.

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After some consideration and thought, whilst the series might potentially be good for the ordering of titles and the ease of usage in finding them... it might not be best to add moderators for the series the way it is setup.

You each moderate your own individual series, so it makes sense in my eyes for it simply to remain that way. For example, a moderator of the Batman series shouldn't be able to add individual games to the Walking Dead series and vice-versa (they would be able to in this circumstance which in my opinion would be silly), so this could potentially bring in some issues with moderators walking on each other's toes essentially, and adding games which they shouldn't be able to.

As for any further games that wish to be added to this overarcing series, series mods for these individual communities can contact me however they wish (or use the thread found here: to have new titles added into this series.


Yeah, being mod of the whole series is kind of a huge role Since nobody is mod of all the telltale games, I think there could be a mod in the future but it would have to be somebody who is really trusted and they know there not going to add games randomly, but for now I think it’s best to just leave it unmoderated right now until the time comes when a mod needs to be appointed to the series

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@Liv Hey there are a few telltale games that you left out to add to the telltale series such as, Tales from the borderlands, and the wolf among us. Just letting you know so you could add them to the series.


Nah, I think there should be runs of them first.


A bit late to this one but this sort of seems like the Disney series. Leave it with no mods if there's no real overlap or singular community 🙂

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@SpiderHako there are runs of them, the games are on the site but I was saying they need to be listed under the telltale series


Added most of the games I could find to the series. If I'm missed any specific ones, feel free to link to their pages here.