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Forum: Jurassic Park (Sega CD)

Thread: Future GDQ submission and sub 18

Started by: RetroBrandoRetroBrando

That would be cool to see. This game gets overshadowed by the other Jurassic Park games of the time on the Genesis, and SNES.

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Forum: Jurassic Park (Sega CD)

Thread: Locker Codes

Started by: RetroBrandoRetroBrando

So it's RNG which code is selected, but is always one of the 10 or so set codes?


Forum: Inside

Thread: Is this lineup skip possible on console

Started by: teh_supar_hackrteh_supar_hackr

aka with control stick. Asking since you have to hold down the whole time and also hold jump and left at one point while down is held.


Forum: LEGO Dimensions

Thread: Max% Starter Set Only?

Started by: teh_supar_hackrteh_supar_hackr

Thought of a category idea where you try to get as much of the game's content as you can with just the starter set (As in only Batman, Batmobile, Gandalf, and WildStyle, no one else). Mainly got this idea as that's all I have for this game, the starter set as I only now after like 5 years am playing this.

The only worlds you would be able to do are the DC World, Lego Movie World, and Lord of the Rings World. You can do the main story mode like normal, and can get some of the things in the worlds. I think you can also do the Mystery Dimension (unlocked at 20 gold bricks found by walking forward from the Jurassic World portal).

I'll update this with lists of things you can do with just the starter set in the game.


Forum: Claw

Thread: Why Does 100% Have Version Column, but not any%?

Started by: teh_supar_hackrteh_supar_hackr

Thanks for the info @GaradaresGaradares! I've only played the 1.3 patch version installed from the DVD release of the game on my Windows XP machine (Don't remember if the 1.3 patch had to have been installed separately from the DVD release or not).


Forum: Claw

Thread: Why Does 100% Have Version Column, but not any%?

Started by: teh_supar_hackrteh_supar_hackr

Did they change something with how the game is 100%'ed?


Forum: Guitar Hero

Thread: What about Guitar Hero On Tour for DS

Started by: arturscabbedarturscabbed

The only DS Guitar Hero game that can be ran on a DS that isn't the original or the lite is Band Hero's drums and vocals.


Forum: Guitar Hero: Live

Thread: Runs?

Started by: QueijoExpiradoQueijoExpirado

I've seen people on some of the other Guitar Hero/Rock Band leaderboards have an Individual Levels section which is pretty much each venue is a IL run. I've only seen it on Rock Band 2 so far.


Forum: Alphabet Park Adventure

Thread: V Smile Emulation?

Started by: Mister_Castle27Mister_Castle27

It does exist in Mame, though I use MessUI (which is the same as Mame). You just download the V.Smile BIOS, then the game rom and play it. There is one other emulator but's not as good as Mame, and I forgot the name of it. Emulation of the console is really good as of now, plays most games.


Forum: Bone: Out from Boneville

Thread: Tips for speed running

Started by: fleumpfleump

I think the Ted river section is the same each time, and if so could just be down to routing the best path for that, which I need to do if I ever want to run this game.


Forum: Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock

Thread: Quest mode Solo?

Started by: MorphaSRDC

Don't give a shit as in there not active at all? If so I think we need some new mods for the Guitar Hero games. I'm pretty sure the mod for GH:Live (JasonParadise) hasn't been on the site since posting his GH:Live FGFC run.

I'm a moderator of the first Rock Band game if anyone's interested in me being a mod for some of these GH games.


Forum: Guitar Hero World Tour

Thread: Any% Rules?

Started by: marcinemarcine

I found out that you only have to do the free gigs, and also once that final gig appears (you'll know it's the last one since BYOB is always on there, and also when it appears fireworks will appear unlike the rest) you can just go there and then beat the game.


Forum: SpongeBob SquarePants: Obstacle Odyssey 2: Time Trouble

Thread: How do i obtain this game

Started by: maffemaffe

There's also this which was the physical release only found in a SpongeBob lunch box gift set.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Excluding variables for specific categories

Started by: Zero_ukZero_uk

I'm still having this issue as of now as I'm wanting a variable to be set for all categories but one.


Forum: M&M's: The Lost Formulas

Thread: Possible Hidden Level Editor?

Started by: jdljdl

I'm wondering if in the game's files if there is some kind of toggle to enable this level editor that is set to off be default. BTW I noticed that this game uses the same format for some of it's files as Darkened Skye (a Skittles game of all things) that was on GameCube, and PC, and were the only two games I've seen to use this file format (not counting the PS1 M&M's Shell Shocked game).


Forum: M&M's: The Lost Formulas

Thread: All Cheat Codes

Started by: jdljdl

Thanks, I've been curious about the game's cheats since finding another forum post on the BOSTON cheat.
This should be useful for single stage runs w/out beating the game again if starting from scratch. That is if and when I'll run this game


Forum: Initial D: Ryosuke Takahashi's Fastest Typing-theory

Thread: Question about they game keyboard

Started by: teh_supar_hackrteh_supar_hackr

I would use the PS2 version in part because of the scarcity of that port, though at the same time I don't know at all if that port is compatible with a USB keyboard