Autosplitter and IGT calculator

Complete autosplitting solution for all-cups and all-track categories. Automatic timer start and automatic splits the moment you cross the finish line at the end of each race. For Team Adventure mode, the automatic timer start does not work, which means the timer has to be manually started at the beginning of your speedrun. Anyway, the game will still correctly split at the end of each event, when returning from the game to the event selection screen. (direct download)

By JujstmeJujstme

TSR Top 25 Time Attack & Statistics (external link)

By giant woman, Tyapp and Coldharbour


All Unlocks

Save file with all performance and cosmetic parts unlocked. Golds on all GPs and all of Team Adventure completed. From an account with no leaderboard times this time (direct download)

By LavenderLavender


All tracks (per track)

(direct download)

By RavelRavel

All Tracks (per world)

(direct download)

By RavelRavel

All Tracks Skips Splits (Team and Standard)

These splits are my personal preference. You are welcome to change them. I put them in order from Hardest to easiest skips, then, in my opinion the two hardest levels, and then the rest. (direct download)

By PatMonster101PatMonster101