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Making the leaderboards

How are we going to manage time trials? Afaik, the game does not tell you your lap time except when you do a PB. That might be an issue when someone has a saved time for gliched and wants to do a glitchless run.


You get your best lap time when you end a TT.

It's not all tracks but I have something like 1:17 for all cups on switch, I think all cups is a valid run even if it lacks the eggman courses.


You get your best lap time once you finish TT doesn't mean that particular lap you recorded necessarily is your best lap. Sure, you can see the last frame of the lap to see your time, but that method only works for videos recorded at 60fps. Most people don't do this.

All star racing transformed at least told you the difference between your lap and your best time (which was always displayed)

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I was just saying, you can see it. TSR handles time attacks rather poorly.

Hesse, Germany

All GPs is definitely a valid category, I just personally think All Tracks is probably more enjoyable. But in terms of how the GPs exist within the game, it totally warrants them to be a category.

My suggestions for a category list would be: -All Team Races -All Solo Races -All Team GPs -All Solo GPs -any% -100% and then should it be neccesary, there could be subcategories or a variable for glitchless / glitched.

Regarding timing, I think the best would probably be to have Ingame time as a main timing method set for the game. For the "All X" categories, you can just easily add up the IGTs for the tracks, so that all platforms can fairly compete with each other. For any% and 100% youd just have to leave the Ingame time field empty so it just sorts by real time. Maybe for the sake of fairness you can add new subcategories for just those categories that split up the leaderboards by platform

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The Race categories have options to change the number of Teams, AI Racers, Laps, and a Mirror Mode. Are these going to be left as default for the leaderboards? I would think that lowering the number of opponents would make it easier to get a fast time and lowering the number of opponents, particularly lowering AI Racers down to 1, beats the point of doing a race instead of Time Attack. Laps can be increased to 4 or 5, certainly not an advantage. Not sure what competition there would be for longer races. I am not aware of any changes in Mirror Mode that affect times.


I must have missed those options! never knew!

Defaults would have to be the standard.

New Jersey, USA

I agree with Nimputs on categories with the addition for All Tracks through exhibition. Also what would the rules be for 100%? You can get all stars and keys only playing through normal but there's additional things unlocked (cosmetics) through playing through Hard and Expert

Hesse, Germany

the way I see it, the any% and 100% categories should probably only include the Team Adventure mode. So the full category names should probably be Team Adventure any% and Team Adventure 100% rather than just any% and 100%. That's how the categories are definited in All-Stars Racing Transformed as well. So 100% as I see it would only include getting all stars and keys? Unless theres something else the game tracks during the Team Adventure mode that I'm not aware of

Getting all unlocks just seems like a tedious grind that would be very hard to track if you even have completed it

New Jersey, USA

the only other thing team adventure mode keeps track of is completing all of the available missions in higher difficulties. Hard unlocking expert and completing all expert missions in a given chapter for a paint kit. That's all really lol

Hesse, Germany

oh yeah it does track the difficulty youve beaten the events at so that probably needs to be included as well (or maybe you just purposely ignore that for simplicity sake and just say all stars and all keys). Either way I think its gonna be a while until someone actually does a 100% run

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I'm just curious when there will be a speedrun of this game


Is there anyway to help with the process of the leaderboard, I would like to post some times soon! :D

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I agree with G47Rush If there is any way to help with the leaderboard creation process, i would love to help. I too have my own run I would like to post.

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A Team Adventure 100% should fully complete the adventure mode which should include completing all of the expert missions as well as getting all of the stars and keys. A run that does not go out of the way to complete missions on higher difficulties could be simply called Team Adventure (All Stars And Keys).

Arizona, USA

To make expert difficulty more played instead of making it mandatory for 100% I'd say have a new game plus all races category with difficulty select as subcategories maybe.

United Kingdom

Just to let you guys know I have added two more moderators, Nimputs and Jujstme as they have been very active in helping out both in here and in the sonic speedrunning discord. Since a week has gone we're going to be working on the boards as soon as possible, most likely get the IL board up first since it sounds like that can be done pretty quickly.

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Hesse, Germany

Time Trial leaderboards are live. Single segment categories will be added shortly

Massachusetts, USA

Hello everyone.

We've decided to make the default categories for everything "no skips" due to tremendous historical precedents from All-Stars Racing Transformed. This primarily means no respawn glitches and no invisible wall bypassing. A skips category that allows these is also available.

Hesse, Germany

single segment categories are up! If there are any questions or concerns regarding any of the categories we are happy to discuss them

Team Adventure 100% is not yet added to the leaderboards, because we're not agreed yet on what that category should require. This will be added once we have found a solid definition

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