Idk what happened
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Idk what happened
Illinois, USA

Well, my 1:25 was in real time, not game time. So yeah idk what happened

New Jersey, USA

You are able to edit your submission and change the time to reflect that if that's what you're worried about

Hesse, Germany

you can click the hourglass icon at the top of the site and then "pending actions", then you can see all your submitted runs that havent been verified yet and edit them. Timing method is no big deal, that is something I can just fix when verifying, but it appears that something else went wrong when submitting cause you didnt put in a valid link to a video of your run, so you'd have to fix that


As Nim said, you need to edit your submission in order to put a valid link to the video of your run (if you're linking twitch, make sure it's not a past broadcast that gets automatically deleted after 21 days).

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Hello Everyone.

Recently we have had to reject quite a number of individual levels that make use of the bonus box glitch which is not allowed currently. We have decided there have been enough submissions to warrant its own category. It will just like glitched, but now it also allows the use of bo

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