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i will use drm free version, and i will run ng+ any% for my first world record. i think this run is cool after watching the review of karmikkoala so if you will give me any tips how to get good run faster i would thank you

sorry for bad english


Good luck on that, pal.

Watching the "razbor" of a beaten record without a single clue what's happening is p. much doing a blind run. Not only you "chose" the game (because i assume you never played it before) to get "ez" record, which i can assure is not that free for main categories, you also completely ignored the Guides section and already looking for a "faster" way to get the result, that took weeks, months, or maybe years for the rest of us to get.

I'm not going to explain any "faster" strats that exist/i perform in both Any% and NG Any%, do the regular (researching/analyzing/testing) job yourself, or go home. There are no easy ways in speedrunning. The links below will help you to get started.

If you'll use OBS as your recording source (i assume you found Livesplit already), please, make your splits transparent by setting up Filters - Color Key.

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stop bully me, im new to this 🙂
thanks for help i start learn the run now


Guess thats not bullying he´s just trying to say that you act a little naiv by thinking..." I´ll start the Game ....Give it a few trys and then of course i own the WR cause im the Best Player in World even if i didnt played the Game at all " but not thinking about the hard work behind running a Game.

I just can recommend the same i do Follow that Game in the Leaderboards prepare yourself, read the Forum, play just normal , learn the Routes ! And i dont mean learn the excat way to walk. You need to get a felling first what you are doing otherwise you just perform movements you learned from other people but you will get it you still cant play the Game. Lets talk in a Few Weeks - Month - up to years depends on you effort and skill 😉 Just saying that i finish that Game almost with no effort on DON and still not thinking about running it 😛 But Hey im a a Sloth 😛

Now Happy Running