Hello, I was wondering if there are a set of rules for any% since I can´t find them, I was thinking in beating the game on Ghost (no detection, not killing anyone) and probably Realistic difficulty. Thanks :)


When I did runs of this game myself, the rules I set were perfectionist difficulty and you have to get gold ghost. That means no killing, but you can knock enemies out. But right now I'm confused by the runs of other people. The only current any% category is on realistic difficulty, not getting seen and killing everything in sight and also segmented. For me this doesn't look like an Any% category in any way, since Any%, by definition, is doing the game the fastest way possible, which would be anything goes as long as you beat the mission, also it'd probably be on the easiest difficulty so you could survive enemy shots. Also, if segmented runs count, the current time Any% time isn't the fastest, the fastest time belongs to this guy He did perfectionist ghost segmented runs without any kills and the time of his segments adds up to around 67 minutes, which is faster than the current time. But I think that this guy's and the current "Any%" wr holders runs should be different categories and definitely not any%. I also think that segmented runs and single segment runs should also be seperate categories, since cutscenes make a big difference in time. Hell, if I'd split my last run into segments, it'd be faster then the current wr holders. Anyway, not much people run this game so I guess not no one cares that much, but I'm just saying, if we were to start some concrete rules on this game, they should go around the guide lines that I mentioned earlier, since they seem to make the most sense. Of course, we'd need to further discuss the rules.


It´s really confusing cause both runs that I´ve seen are segmented, dont know if I should roll that way or what. Anyway, I´m probably just going to fonosh a run if I dont keep messing up & then ask mods to make rules or anything. Thanks o/

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