so ive been reading in the forum for splinter cell and other various games that allow both quick save and quick load. some people are for it and others are against it. i think its okay but there should be a category for QS/QL and one category without it to please both sides of runners. In my own opinion im against it because you can have an almost perfect run without trying too hard. but if its allowed there should be categories to seperate the two. i just started running this game but havnt posted my times yet. i dont quick save and quick load so my times will not stand up too well to the current times and would like the addition of the categories mentioned above. if not thank you for taking the time to read this. ill still be posting my time eventually lol 😉

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The main concern the community has had is that due to having a relatively small amount of numbers, adding to many categories for specific niches would fragment the community to an extent.

Though if you're interested in no QS/QL, chaos theory does actually ban QS/QL in all of its RTA categories.

Also having QS/QL doesn't actually make it that easy to get a perfect time. Because to do that you need to not need it in the first place, since QL doesn't give you the time back.


The great thing about Splinter Cell is that there are numerous ways to run the game:
-Hard Difficulty
-No Alarms
-13 Missions
Nothing is preventing you from running any of the categories with any sort of stipulations or allowance. In fact, I was thinking about picking up a new category or two later this year.
Nevertheless, in my opinion, the leaderboard may accommodate the category but only if multiple people want it. Otherwise, this would be a "leaderboard" for a personal category (much like how there is no category for the 13 Missions as it would just have my run).

That being said, are you aware that you can simply manual save instead of QS/QL, correct?
I hypothesize that no QS/QL simply puts you on the hook for listening to most of the dialogue and some of the more outlandish tricks will possibly be removed, but wouldn't necessarily detract from "an almost perfect run without trying too hard". If you were to have no loading/saving at all in your category, then you would just have the Autosave function set to the beginning of the chapter. This would turn most of the current run into "safety strategies" with a two minute penalty for significant missteps or, more likely, just a lot more resets for higher end runs, given how random the game is at high level play. If you disallow the ability to load Autosave function, good luck.


i get what you all are saying. thank you for clearing it up for me 🙂


This is an issue that plagued the series from the beginning, in particular Double Agent: Giant lists of categories with 0-1 run(s) per category, most with zero. Even if all the category ideas are perfectly valid, it creates the impression of a ghost town leaderboard and hides runs from newcomers who might not bother to click through all of the categories.

Better to have a shorter list with a decent number of runs to create the impression of an active and participating community for an aging game series with limited numbers of runners.